2024ProPak展会收官 | 小瓶盖载誉归来,精彩永不落幕!


6月19日,备受瞩目的国际加工包装行业盛会-第二十九届上海国际加工包装展览会(ProPak China 2024),在国家会展中心(上海)举办。展会自2024年6月19日至21日,为期3天。

On June 19, the highly anticipated international processing and packaging industry event - the 29th Shanghai International Processing and Packaging Exhibition (ProPak China 2024), was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). The exhibition will run from June 19 to 21, 2024, for a total of three days.


展会期间, 小瓶盖有幸与来自全球知名品牌、行业领袖和专业买家,一起探索全球包装业未来趋势,帮助企业探索新的包装技术,寻找未来发展新路径。

During the exhibition, Mini Cap had the privilege of exploring the future trends of the global packaging industry with leading brands, industry leaders, and professional buyers from around the world, helping companies explore new packaging technologies and find new paths for future development.






Located at No. N26 in Hall 6.1, the booth uses orange and cyan as the main colors.The decoration style of the booth hall is bright and trendy,attracting a lot of people to stop.



The Galaxy Kong built with 20,800 mini caps attracts many people who can't stop. During the exhibition, it received a lot of praise,and it was unanimously felt that this mini cap with the label of "environmental protection,intelligence and education" gave a new concept in the traditional packaging, bringing a completely different packaging experience.




Finally, l wish the 29th Propak China a successful conclusion, and also thank friends at home and abroad for their recognition and support of mini caps during this event.

In the future, mini caps will continue to rely on independent innovation and quality priority, according to the market characteristics of different countries and regions, to develop more products that meet the needs of different customers according to the market characteristics of different countries and regions,We look forward to meeting again in the near future to start a packaging fashion journey together.