博斯特推出nova da 800新款高度紧凑、自动化且互联的复合机 汕头虹桥包装袋

nova da 800是一款博斯特新近推出的高度紧凑、自动化且互联的复合机,配有自动换卷装置,可在软包装生产中实现经济高效且持续运行的性能。
bobst presents the nova da800 laminator, a compact, automated and connected machine equipped withautomatic winders for cost-effective and sustainable performance in flexiblepackaging production.
新的多功能nova da 800复合机是博斯特在今年6月推出的nova d 800复合机基础上改造的双工位型号。针对不同尺寸、类型的卷材与各类胶水的组合,该机器均能提供一流的技术和工艺性能。
the new multi-technologynova da800 laminatoris a variant model of the nova d800 laminatorthat bobstlaunched in june this year. both solutions offer best-in-class technical andprocess performance with all run lengths, types of substrates, adhesives andweb combinations.
nova da 800复合机配有自动换卷装置。自动换卷的即时性促成生产的连续性,从而大大地提高生产率。此外,自动换卷的转塔定位在烘箱下方,这种独特的功能意味着机器的整体尺寸依然紧凑,穿膜路径较短,因此在机器启动和换单时产生的浪费更少。
the nova da 800 laminatoris equipped with automatic winders that enable on-the-fly job changeovers,hence non-stop production. this considerably increases productivity with longrun productions. furthermore, the automatic winders are positioned below thetunnel, this distinctive feature means that the overall size of the machine isstill compact and the web path is short, hence it generates less waste atstart-up and job changeovers.
da 800配备了博斯特最新设计的冷封胶、无溶剂及凹版小车,其中明星产品——柔版小车,配合高固含量的溶剂型胶水,在高速涂布下表现良好。
bobst latest trolleydesigns are available. these include the solventless, gravure and cold sealtrolleys, and most notably the renowned bobst flexo trolley for high speedcoating of solvent-based adhesives with high solid content.
the optical and functionalqualities of the laminated structures are excellent with all the technologiesavailable: water-based, solvent-based, solventless adhesive lamination, andin-register cold seal, lacquering and additional color applications.
由于具备非常精准的膜材处理性能,nova da 800可以适用于所有种类与厚度的卷材组合。这不仅包含了诸如铝箔、金属镀膜和可拉伸薄膜等关键材料,而且也适用于新型的生态友好型基材,助力客户达成可持续回收的目标。
because the very preciseweb handling performance, the nova da 800 can handle all substrates types,thicknesses and web combination. this includes not only critical materials suchas alu-foil, metallized films and thin stretchable materials, but also the neweco-friendly substrates, thus also delivering on brand owners’ goals ofachieving sustainable recyclable packaging.
nova d 800和nova da 800复合机都是基于博斯特定义的包装行业4.0标准来设计和制造的,其中清楚地表明,自动化是博斯特愿景的四大基石之一,此外还有连接性、可持续性和数字化。自动化功能使换单变得简单而快速,并且无需使用工具,即可延长机器正常运行时间,从而缩短产品交付时间。
both the nova d 800 and the nova da 800laminators are designed and manufactured in line with bobst industry packagingproduction 4.0 which clearly states that automation is one of the fourcornerstones of the bobst’s vision, along withconnectivity, sustainability and digitalization. automation functionality makesjob changes simple, fast and without tools for higher machine uptime and fasttime-to-market.

“通过推出nova da 800复合机,我们可以为中国的软包装客户提供来自博斯特常州的独特解决方案,包括rs 3.0凹版印刷机和nova da 800复合机,这两款设备都极具性价比。”博斯特意大利的涂布复合产品线经理nanni bertorelli解释说。
“with the launch of thenova da800 laminatorwe can offer our flexible packaging customers in china aunique package proposition from bobst (changzhou) comprising the rs 3.0 gravureprinting press and the nova da 800 laminator with a very competitive performance/priceratio,’ explained nanni bertorelli, product manager, coating and laminatingproduct lines, at bobst italia, bobst center of excellence for gravureprinting, coating and laminating technologies.
“单工位的nova d 800和双工位的nova da 800均配备了博斯特的先进而创新的技术,非常适合中国市场的需求。”博斯特卷材事业部大中华区业务总监吕文武补充道:“我们有信心,我们的创新能助力客户提升产品质量,并对降本增效施加积极的影响。”
‘both the nova d 800 with simplex winders and the nova da 800 withautomatic winders, are equipped with bobst’s advanced and innovative technologyand are ideal for the chinese market requirements. we are confident that ourinnovations will make an impact for the quality of their output and unique costsaving performance’, added lubin lu, the business director of greater china, bobstbusiness unit web-fed.
nova da 800已在博斯特常州演示中心(毗邻生产工厂的演示设施)落地。博斯特常州演示中心在致力于研究软包装材料加工技术的同时,也践行着博斯特作为机器制造商和工艺创新者对于技术研究和创新前沿的承诺。
the nova da 800multi-technology laminator and the rs 3.0 gravure printing press can be seen atbobst changzhou’s competence center, the demonstration facility adjoining theproduction plant. the competence center is dedicated to web-fed printing andconverting technologies for flexible materials and exemplifies bobst commitmentto be at the forefront of technological research and innovation as machinemanufacturer as well as process innovator.